Art Created
Through Voice

Make your brand stand out by choosing an influential  and award-winning voice actor  successful companies choose to work with.


Who is Óscar Gómez?

Óscar Gómez is an award-winning professional voice actor, T.V. actor, and dubbing professor with over 19 years of experience. The excellence in his work and professional commitment has led him to be internationally recognized and awarded by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences (SOVAS).

As a voice artist, Óscar has also been the voice behind prestigious brands such as History, Nat Geo, Discovery, Banco Falabella, Banco BBVA, Banco Davivienda, and Pepsico, Argos, Samsung, Toyota, Kia, Ford, among others.

Do you want a powerful, clear & authentic neutral accent voice to represent your brand or idea and to generate more sales while creating more memorable and positive experiences for your clients?


Oscar Gomez | Latam Voiceover | actor